Install UV Germicidal Lights in Your Home

With the coming of fall this week, now makes an excellent time to assess the quality of your indoor air and look for ways to improve it. Changing the filters on your HVAC system and placing weather stripping under cracks around doors and windows are good do-it-yourself steps, but if you’re looking for something more comprehensive, you might want to install UV germicidal lights in your duct system. They’re placed at the apex of your ducts and “scrub” the air clean of germs as they pass through your HVAC system. How does that work and what are the specific benefits? Read on for the answers.

UV Light Kills Germs

A UV germicidal light essentially creates a barrier of ultraviolet light across the width of your duct system, forcing germs and bacteria in the air to pass through it. Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye, but causes out skin to tan and burn when we spend a lot of time in the sunshine. In lower levels, it makes our white clothes glow in the dark at concerts and on amusement park rides. Though harmless to us at such levels, it instantly kills (or renders sterile) any germs or bacteria that passes through it. And because it’s placed at such a key location, the germs can’t slip through it the way they could a simple filter. The more you run your heating and air conditioning system, the faster it clears the air of biological contaminants.

Who Benefits?

Any household concerns about the quality of the air can benefit fromĀ a UV germicidal system, but in particular households with newborn infants, the elderly, or those suffering from asthma or similar conditions should consider it. These family members are more vulnerable than most to illnesses that UV lights can help curtail.

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