How Do I Get More Fresh Air in the House During the Winter?

Winter is a real bummer for many Welches families. It’s cold and dark outside and to top things off, you have to keep your home sealed up nice and tight so the warm air produced by your boiler or furnace doesn’t escape. Not a lot of fun. Luckily, there are solutions to help your indoor air quality in Welches. Which solution you choose will depend on a few factors, however.

The Simplest Way

The easiest way to get fresh air is to open a window. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive way. After all, the air outside is cold and by opening a window, you force all the air you just heated outside. Most modern heating systems can compensate for the energy loss, but it will cost you quite a bit over the course of the winter to heat not only your home, but your backyard.

That’s why there is so little circulation in the winter to start with. The need for effective insulation and weather stripping to reduce energy use and fuel costs led to increasingly sealed up homes.


So, ventilation is the next best option, and while there are fans and exhaust options that allow you to circulate air into and out of your home, the most cost efficient way to do so is with a heat recovery ventilator or for those with humidity problems, an energy recovery ventilator.

These devices contain advanced heat exchangers that will transfer the heat from your indoor air into new air as it is brought into your home. As fresh air is transferred inside, the heat is passed from indoor air to the outdoor air via a heat exchanger. By retaining the heat with a recovery ventilator, you keep your energy bills low and your home filled with fresh air.

The best part is that this same technology works in the summer if you want to let in a little fresh air on a sunny day. Instead of pouring all of that cool air conditioned air outside, you can simply use an energy recovery ventilator to draw heat out of new air as it enters your home. Heat and humidity stay outside and you stay nice and cool.

There are quite a few types of energy recovery ventilators, ranging from simple heat only models to advanced heat pumps that will gather lost heat from throughout your home. The size of your home and the climate in which you live will determine which the best fit is for you.  If you have questions call Clean Air Act

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