Why Should I Change My Air Filter?

Every heating and air conditioning system in the world comes with a filter, designed to strain hair, dust and other particles out of the air. It helps keep your air clean and your heating and air conditioning free of dust and other contaminants. However, it needs to be replaced periodically – at least every six months, or sooner if the manufacturer recommends it – or cleaned if your filter is permanent. Otherwise, there will be significant consequences to your Portland, OR, often requiring a repair service to correct. Why should you change your air filter? Here’s a quick list of reasons:

Dust Build-up In Your System

Problems arise when your system gets dusty. In your furnace, the burners can clog and not function properly. With air conditioners, dust on the expansion coil can interfere with the cooling process. In both places, excessive dust can increase friction in moving parts, leading to the higher possibility of a breakdown. In many cases, the friction can cause the system to send more energy doing its job as well. Changing the air filters means eliminating those issues, as well as extending the life of your system overall.

Reduced Air Flow

Too much junk in your air filter will slow the flow of air through your system. Not only does that force your heater or air conditioner to work harder for weaker results, but it leaves heated air in your furnace, which can cause other components to overheat. In most cases, a safety system will kick in, forcing the heater to shut down, but it will turn on again as soon as the temperature cools. That leads to a condition known as short cycling, which will leach power form your system and ultimate result in a breakdown.

For regular maintenance sessions that augment your changing the filter, call the pros of Clean Air Act, Inc.


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