Why Install a Humidifier?

Portland, OR is a rainy city, and that means we usually have to deal with excessive humidity instead of a lack of humidity. Many residents may question the need for a humidifier installed in their homes, especially since such a device will see little use during our hot and muggy summer months. The winter, however, can create exceptionally dry air, and if you’ve ever felt the discomfort of chapped lips or the sting of a static electricity shock, you know how true that can be. Installing a humidifier can make those problems go away, as well as helping maintain your home’s energy efficiency.

Why It’s Necessary

If you remember high school chemistry class, you know that vapors or gas revert to liquid when the temperature drops. This is true for the ambient moisture in the air as well. As temperatures get low, it coalesces into droplets, which is why we get dew in the cool hours of the morning. During the winter months, that translates to extremely dry air, especially in our homes which get sealed up tight to retain the heat. When relative humidity levels get below 30% or so, you skin feels dry and cracked, static electricity goes up, and your sinuses dry out, making you more vulnerable to colds and illnesses.

How It Works

The system for a humidifier is very simple: a wick that soaks up water form a reservoir and a fan that blows across the wick: sending moisture through your home and elevating relative humidity levels. As a result, your home feels much more comfortable and your family is better protected against illnesses. It also allows your heater to function more efficiently, since air tends to feel warmer when it has higher humidity levels.

For more information on installing a humidifier or to schedule an installation session, call the pros at Clean Air Act today!

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