Top 5 Reasons to Install an Indoor Air Quality System

We spend a lot of our time indoors—whether it’s sleeping and eating or just relaxing with our friends and family. In Portland, we tend to have pretty clean air. But what you may not realize is that your indoor air is often more polluted than the air outside. In fact, poor indoor air quality is the fourth largest environmental threat to our country, according to the EPA. Here are a few reason why you should invest in an indoor air quality system:

Allergy relief

For any of your family members who suffer from allergies, having an indoor air quality system can trap pollen and pet dander that would otherwise irritate them. Indoor air cleaners like media filters, electronic and HEPA filters are specifically designed to capture exactly those kinds of contaminants. Installing an air cleaner in your air handler may reduce the effect that pollen and pet dander have on your family.

Reduces amount of dust and contaminants in the air

Dust can also be a respiratory irritant and can accumulate on your furniture. Media filters installed in your heating and air conditioning system can trap dust and remove it from your indoor air leaving your house cleaner. Electronic air cleaners ionize the air to filter out smaller particles like smoke and exhaust fumes.

Removes bacteria and viruses

Electronic and HEPA filters can also capture microscopic bacteria and viruses before you can even breathe them in. This can reduce the number of illnesses that occur in your home. Additionally, an ultra-violet germicidal light can further increase the purity of your home’s air by killing germs inside your ductwork before they can recirculate into your home.

Allows fresh air inside

Part of a good air purity system is to make sure it is properly ventilated. By increasing the “tightness” of your home—how much air your home lets in—you can control exactly where the air in your home comes from. By properly ventilating your house, you can continually cycle in fresh air from outside.

Keeps humidity constant

A house that has too much or too little humidity can cause you a lot of problems. With too much humidity, your house can become a breeding ground for mold. It can also make it difficult to breath in your house. But too little humidity can cause your nasal passages, skin and even your furniture to dry out and crack. With a humidity control system from Clean Air Act, you can kep your humidity at the perfect level—around 30-50%.

For more information on how an indoor air quality system can benefit your Portland home, contact the professionals at Clean Air Act today!

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