How to Get Adequate Air Filtration with a Ductless Mini Split

Are you concerned about indoor air quality in your Portland area home? Many homeowners question the air filtration capabilities of a ductless mini split as opposed to a forced air system. While you get cleaner air without the use of air ducts, a forced air system does draw in and recycle the air so that there is some filtration; however, dirty ductwork can compromise this benefit.

Call The Clean Air Act to learn more about how to get adequate air filtration with a ductless mini split. First, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Air Filters

All ductless mini split systems come with a hypo-allergenic air filter. It is important to change these once a month during the heating or cooling season. If you only have a ductless mini split AC system but another type of heating system, then you will need to change the filters on your heating system as needed.

Air Cleaners

You can also install electronic and mechanical air cleaners to help filter the air inside your home. These will help filter the air along with the ductless system’s filter. HEPA filters are not designed for standard home heating and cooling systems.

Humidifiers and De-humidifiers

While proper moisture control is important for indoor air quality, it is a good idea to speak with a Portland indoor air quality specialist to go over the different types of humidifiers and dehumidifiers work best with a ductless system.

If you would like to know more, contact The Clean Air Act for all your Portland OR indoor air quality needs.

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