IAQ Products Make it Easier for Your Heater

Indoor air quality products can provide a number of benefits to your Tigard, OR home: from lowering humidity levels to reducing the spread of germs and illnesses. But they have an added benefit as well. When working in conjunction with your heating system, they can help your HVAC system do its job more effectively. How can your IAQ systems benefit your heater? That depends on the IAQ product you purchase, but the specifics can include:

Humidifiers to Improve Performance

Dry air has the effect of feeling cooler than humid air, which can be a big problem in the winter when low humidity levels are the norm. That forces your heater to work harder than it should, raising the monthly costs and elevating the chances of a breakdown elsewhere in the system. A whole-house humidifier can ease that strain, as well as preventing dry, itchy skin, static electricity and other nuisances of humidity. When working in conjunction with your heater on a regular basis, it could even extend the life of the system overall.

Keep Dust Out of Your System with an Electronic Air Filter

Most heaters come equipped with basic air filters to keep dust and dirt to a minimum. But they need to be changed regularly and don’t provide comprehensive protection regardless. Heaters can be adversely affected by dust when it gets on moving parts, clogs in the burners, or similar issues. An electronic air filter uses ionization to remove every particle of dust from the air that passes through it, rendering your house cleaner and healthier in the process. It also helps cut down further on dust in your heater, improving efficiency and helping to lower the chances of a more serious breakdown in the future.

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