How Do I know if I need a Dehumidifier or Humidifier?

Humidity is a critical factor in your home in Beavercreek. Most people know that the winter is dry while the summer tends to be more humid. While there are many humidity control products available on the market, few people know how to tell if they need more or less humidity in their home. Here at Clean Air Act, we thought it would be helpful for the community in Beavercreek if we put together a quick checklist so you can know if you need more or less moisture in your home.

Why is Humidity So Important

Humidity in your Beavercreek homes plays a large part in how comfortable you are there. Humidity can impact your health as well as the quality of the air inside your home. For example, when your home is too humid, dust mites and mold can thrive. If the air is too dry, it can also cause your wood furniture to dry out and crack.

Too Little Humidity

There are a number of indications that you might have too little moisture in your air.

  • If you start to notice that your lips or hands are drying out, this probably means that the humidity in your home is too low. You may also notice that your throat and nasal passages are dry as well. This could result in a cough or a bloody nose.
  • The increase of static electricity in your home is more evidence of low humidity. If this is the case, you’ll notice that you get shocked when you walk across your home or that your clothing sticks to you.

Too Much Humidity

Here are a few indicators that you have too much humidity in your home.

  • Too much moisture can make your home feel stuffy and uncomfortable.
  • If you notice an increase in mold growth around your home, that can also mean you have too much moisture in your air.


If you really want to be sure if your air is too dry or too moist, a hydrometer can be useful. Hydrometers, as you can probably guess, measure how much water is in the air as a percentage. On rainy days, a properly calibrated hydrometer would indicate a 90% humidity level.

If you would like more information about humidity control systems for your home in Beavercreek, then call the experts at Clean Air Act. We can help you measure the current humidity levels in your home and let you know if a humidity control product is right for you.

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