3 Ways to Lower Dust Levels in Your Home

High dust and pollen content can affect a number of homes in the Portland, OR area, increasing irritation in your sinuses and the risk of colds or flus, as well as making cleaning that much harder. High dust levels are of especial concern to those with newborns in the family, or those with family members suffering from conditions like asthma. There are a number of ways to lower dust levels in your home; we’ve listed three of the most popular below.

1.     Air Cleaners

Your HVAC system contains an air filter, which will strain out dust and contaminants, but it must be regularly cleaned or replaced, and no filter can catch every dust particle. An electronic air cleaner, on the other hand, ionizes every dust particle that passes through it and causes it to stick to a collection pan. That removes it from circulation and helps your air feel cleaner every time you ruin your heater or your air conditioner!

2.     Duct Repair

If there’s a rip or another kind of breach in your ducts, it will pull dust in whenever you turn on your HVAC system. (It can also mix unconditioned air in with conditioned air, lowering your system’s efficiency.) The dust will quickly circulate throughout your home, which can be a problem. A quality duct repair service can pinpoint the breach and repair it before the problem gets out of hand.

3.     A Regular Maintenance Session

It sounds simple, but dust can build up on your heater or air conditioner itself, which can eventually result in mechanical failure, and will spread through your ducts regardless. A maintenance session, conducted once or twice a year, will clean up that dust, as well as performing other little touch-ups to keep your system running at its best.

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