What Is an Infrared Space Heater and How Does It Work?

The cost of trying to heat a large space, such as a warehouse, garage, patio, or construction site, can turn prohibitively high using standard heating systems that channel hot air through ducts. However, there is now a cost-efficient alternative for commercial spaces: infrared space heaters. These heaters allow specific targeting of warmth without the significant heat loss that comes from most traditional systems

If after reading over our description of how infrared space heaters operate you think your business would benefit from installing them, contact Clean Air Act to schedule an appointment with a specialist in heating service in Portland, OR. Our trained technicians will go over your options and provide you the heating solution that will satisfy you.

Infrared space heaters: the basics

Infrared heat comes from a light that is invisible to the naked eye because it is out of the spectrum of light that the cones in our eyes can detect. But this unseen light can warm up objects around us, and through the heat that radiates off them, we too become warm.

Infrared heaters work cost-efficiently as long as they are used to target specific areas—this is why they are useful for large spaces that need only portions heated instead of trying to pump heated air into the entire space. Infrared heaters are effective at counteracting the frequent loss of heat in warehouses and garages that often lose heat through large door and poor insulation. Any time you need direct heat on an object, an infrared space heater will help you out with minimum heat loss.

These heaters can run from a variety of energy sources: gas, electricity, and propane are the most common.


On their own, infrared heaters are not particularly difficult to install. But when you need to have them installed in a large space, it will require expertise to have them placed and sized correctly. If either of these steps is done poorly, then you will lose most of the advantages that you want to receive.

Once the heaters are installed, you should schedule routine maintenance for them—gas-powered heaters in particular should have maintenance visits at least once a year to make sure they are operating efficiently and calibrated correctly.

Contact Clean Air Act today to begin the process of installing these energy-efficient solutions for your heating troubles in your business. Infrared heating is a superb option, and if you trust to our heating service in Portland, OR, you’ll discover why so many businesses have adopted them.

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