What Is a High Efficiency System?

One of the broad goals in the development of home comfort systems is to heighten energy efficiency. Heat pumps, air conditioners, and furnaces have all advanced in the amount of fuel they consume compared to the levels of heating and cooling they generate. This technology began to increase rapidly during the 1970s because of the energy crisis: this was a time when furnaces moved from 60% efficiency, which was standard for decades, to 90% for high efficiency condensing furnaces.

One of the best types of high efficiency comfort systems available when it comes to heat pumps is the high efficiency small ductwork system. The Clean Air Act Inc. specializes in installing and servicing these units for better cooling and heating in Portland, OR. Contact one of our experts today to learn more about these heat pumps and how they can help you achieve a combination of better comfort and higher energy savings for your home.

How High Efficiency Small Ductwork Systems Work

In most ways, these units work similar to standard heat pumps. The difference is in how their conditioned air is distributed through a home. The air handler of the heat pump sends out air at high speed through extremely narrow gauge ducts that are much smaller than traditional flexible and sheet metal ducts (usually a third the size). The air then enters rooms at around 200 ft. per second.

The reason that this process results in superior energy efficiency is that there is far less heat loss or gain through the ducts because of the reduction of surface area. The speed at which the air is forced through the ducts also reduces the loss or gain of heat before the conditioned air reaches the rooms. The custom gasket fittings on small ductwork are also less likely to leak air.

These systems also achieve better efficiency by the way they send conditioned air through rooms. The high velocity of the air from the vents creates currents inside rooms means the heating or cooling rapidly reaches all parts of a space. You will need to run the heat pump less often because of how quickly the high velocity air creates the temperature you want.

Aside from energy savings, there is another major benefit to consider when it comes to high efficiency small ductwork systems: space savings. If you live in an older home without sufficient room to add traditional ducts, you can have a high velocity system put in instead and enjoy central heating and cooling that you wouldn’t be able to experience otherwise.

We Offer High Efficiency Systems

A High efficiency small ductwork system requires custom fitting for a house, so you must contact skilled professionals with years of experience to install one for your home. We offer small ductwork cooling and heating, as well as other kinds of comfort systems. We will locate the ideal heat pump for your home and make sure that you enjoy year-round pleasant indoor temperatures combined with energy-saving performance. To schedule your heating service in Portland, call The Clean Air Act Inc. today!

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