What Do to When Your Heater’s Warranty Runs Out

Every heating system comes with a warranty, which stipulates how long its various components are covered in the event of a breakdown. Specifics vary by the type of heating system, but most last for 10 years or thereabouts. That gives you some security when the system runs into trouble and keeps the costs of repairs limited. But what happens when the warranty runs out? What’s the best way to treat your heating system then?

The short answer is “pay close attention.” The point will come when repairing an older system whose warranty has expired costs more than replacing it, or at least more than the existing system is worth. Steadily increasing monthly costs can often grab you too, and a heater with an expired warranty might simply end up costing more to run than your budget allows.Careful monitoring of your monthly bills and the frequency of repairs can help you determine when to pull the trigger on a replacement.

There’s another important step to take, even before the warranty expires. Annual maintenance sessions on your heating systems will help curtail wear and tear, helping those components last longer before needing replacement. Replacing those systems becomes more expensive once the warranty expires, and the more you can do to protect them, the happier your pocketbook will be. Regular maintenance will extend the system’s life beyond the warranty and ensure that you get the most value out of your system.

When repairs are necessary, take the time to discuss the costs with your technician. In some cases, it may not cost much more than it would before the warranty expired: just a little extra for a few smaller parts. But if repairs become more frequent or a major component such as the heat exchanger needs replacing, that may be the final sign that your heating system has run its course and a replacement is needed.

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