The Benefits of Ductless Heating

Most of us are used to traditional centralized heating and air conditioning systems in our Tigard, OR homes. They generate heated or cooled air in a single spot, then use a system of ducts to blow the air through the rooms of your home. It’s an effective system, but it’s not the only option out there.

More specifically, you could use ductless heating and air conditioning systems, which adopt a more decentralized approach. Instead of one single unit, it uses multiple units placed throughout your home. Each one functions for a single room or section, distributing the load for the entire home. Ductless systems cost more to install, and they’re not for every household. But if you find that centralized models just aren’t doing the job, you might want to think about the benefits that a ductless system can provide.


The decentralized format provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you heat your home (and cool it in the summer for some models). Each unit can be controlled separately, letting you tailor the temperature to suit the needs of the individual instead of having to heat or cool the entire house. More importantly, you don’t need to run the heat in unoccupied rooms, while still keeping the rooms you are occupying nice and warm.

That can cut down on your monthly heating bills a great deal, as well as reducing wear and tear on the system’s themselves. over time, that means fewer breakdowns, fewer repairs, and more money back in your pocket. Best of all, even when your system does run into trouble, you can simply turn off the affected unit and run the heat in another part of the home while you wait for repairs.

Call the pros at Clean Air Act, Inc. to discuss your ductless heating options with you!

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