Signs You Need Boiler Repair

tech-working-on-gas-boilerIt is always nice to be able to walk through your door and into a comfortably temperate home after a day spent trying to get away from the cold. If you could give your boiler a thank-you card, you might consider doing it.

Rest assured, there is a way to thank your boiler for a job well done, and that is by taking good care of it. Your heater works hard to keep you warm and every once in a while it will need a little extra attention to keep running well. What we are referring to is the need for repairs.

We understand repairs can seem pricey, but they are well worth it if they keep your boiler running and stave off the need for an even pricier replacement.

If you aren’t sure whether your boiler needs maintenance services or full-on repairs, we can give you some insight on how to tell.

Indicators Your Boiler Heater Needs Repair

Trying to figure out if you need to call a professional technician in to address some repair needs for your boiler? Not to worry, there are several signs that you can watch for that will tell you when the time has come to schedule some extra care for your heater.

Odd Noises

Whether it is gurgling, clunking, banging, or whistling, you don’t want your boiler to be making much noise. Sounds like these can indicate build-up issues, clogs, or broken parts. In short, if your boiler seems to be trying to communicate with you, call for repairs.

Pilot Light Problems

Is your pilot light sputtering or struggling to stay lit? This is a sign that your system needs assistance, as it could be due to mineral build-up. Additionally, a slightly yellow pilot light flame should be a cause for concern as it indicates the flame is encountering carbon monoxide, a dangerous situation that should be addressed immediately.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Your energy bill shouldn’t force you to reconsider your normal grocery shopping list. If you bill has been a lot higher than normal, it means that your boiler is struggling to do its job and having to use more energy to accomplish its goals, hence the high pricing.

Increased Need for Repairs

Has your local repairman come by often enough that you know him by name? If you answered yes, then your boiler needs more extensive repairs than usual. Ask your technician to do a little more thorough of a system check when you ask him to come by again. If the issues continue, however, it may mean it is time for a boiler replacement.

Need Repairs? Contact Clean Air Act, Inc.

If your boiler seems to be acting up or struggling to do its usual job, it may mean that you need to reach out to the professionals at Clean Air Act, Inc. We can help you decipher what is going on with your heating system and schedule the best heating repair in Oregon City, OR for your needs.

Please call Sydni, our Office Extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment. We will take care of you from there!

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