Schedule a Heating Maintenance Session Before the Holidays!

Thanksgiving arrives this weekend, and with it comes the annual tradition of family, friends, good food and football games. If your Portland, OR home is looking to host a Thanksgiving dinner this year – or perhaps something later in the holiday season, whether it’s a formal get-together or just some friends coming over to watch the game – you might want to schedule a maintenance session for your heating system to ensure that everything is working correctly.

What Is a Maintenance Session?

A maintenance session isn’t quite the same as a repair session. Repair sessions are usually conducted to correct a specific problem that’s bedeviling your heater, such as a lack of air flow or an unexpected rattling noise. Maintenance on the other hand, is designed to look for signs of potential trouble that haven’t happened yet, as well as addressing the countless little issues that keep your system from functioning at its best. They can include (and are not limited to) the following:

  • Checking and changing the air filter.
  • Tightening loose bolts and fittings.
  • Unclogging burners and cleaning the dust off of key components.
  • Checking the ignition or pilot light to ensure that it is working correctly.
  • Examining the gas lines for potential leaks.
  • Checking the thermostats to ensure that they don’t have any problems.
  • Lubricating any moving parts to reduce friction and prevent overheating.
  • Checking the control board and any other electrical components for fraying, loose connections and proper functioning.
  • Closing the system and running it for 15-20 minute to ensure that it’s all working as it should.

The benefits of a maintenance session mean that your heater will work as efficiently as it can, helping to save you money as you run it throughout the holidays. It also gets ahead of any potential issues, and ensures that you can focus on food and family this holiday season, instead of scheduling a repair.

Call Clean Air Act, Inc. today to schedule a maintenance session before the holidays!

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