How to Spot Problems with Your Heater

Fall has arrived here in Portland, OR, and homeowners are dusting off their heater for use in the coming winter. Now is often the time when we discover repair issues with our heating systems: having sat unused for several months and now called upon to perform on a daily basis. The good news is that you still have time to schedule a repair session to deal with them, while the weather is still comparatively warm. But the sooner you can spot problems with your heater, the more readily you can bring in a qualified service to perform repairs. Here’s a few signs that you should watch for.

Low Air Flow

All the hot air generated by your heater isn’t going to do you a bit of good if it can’t get into your home, and if the flow of air through your vents is reduced, it’s a sign that there’s a problem. It might stem from a clog in the vent system or an issue with the fan itself. The fan motor can also run into trouble, either with the motor itself or with its power source. Either way, you’ll need a repair technician to fix the problem.

Low Heat Levels

The air might be blowing just fine, but if it isn’t as warm as you need it to, your system can probably use a repair session. The most common cause of low heat is clogged burners, which can be cleaned up with a routine maintenance session. Heat exchange problems and clogs in the gas line can also lead to reduced heat levels.

Higher Bills

The biggest sign of a problem with your heater is also one of the most subtle. Increased strain and other problems will cause it to use more fuel, which in turn will make your bills go up even if you aren’t using your heater more often than normal.

When you spot problems with your heater, call Clean Air Act right away!

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