How to Select the Best Heating Service

Heating systems come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional forced-air furnaces to ductless systems and geothermal systems. But all of them need to function as advertised in order to keep your home warm during our Oregon City, OR winters, and all of them will eventually suffer a breakdown or require repairs. A heating system repair technician can be as important to your quality of life as a good doctor or mechanic. But how can you select the best one for your needs? Specifics vary, but there are a few pertinent traits you should look for.


New companies can be a good fit in some cases. We all started out somewhere, after all, and an eager new company may be willing to go the extra mile to serve you best. But companies with a decade of experience or more have had the time to build a reliable customer base, which means they are eminently dependable time and again.


A good service wants to make sure your problem is corrected, while a poor one just wants your money. Look for services that provide cost estimates up front, before any work is performed, and offers assistance over the phone for those times when you just can’t wait for the technician to reach your home.


Good service companies cultivate a strong relationship with HVAC manufacturers, who will endorse them and let you know that they’re trained to address your specific heating system properly. The backing of such companies is a seal of quality, since their reputation is on the line as much as the technician’s.

At the Clean Air Act, we have been in business for over 16 years. We provide up-front cost estimates, and can talk you through easy repairs on the phone when necessary. Our affiliations include most major brands of heating and air conditioning system. Call us today!

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