How to Save Money on Your Heating Bill this Season

Oregon City OR heating issues are no different from those in other Oregon cities. We have wet, cool winters, meaning that an effective heating system is the best way to keep your home warm and cozy when the temperatures drop. Because of that, we often accept high heating bills as the price of fending off the cold and the damp. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. With a few easy steps, you can cut down on costs without skimping on reliable heat from your furnace. Here’s how to save money on your heating bill this season.

The obvious steps are those you’ve likely heard about since elementary school. Set your thermostat a few degrees cooler than you’re accustomed to and wear warm clothes in the house instead of just depending on the heater to warm you. Don’t run the heater if you’re not going to use the whole house, and turn the heat down before you go off to work in the morning to avoid unnecessary expenditure of energy.

You can use upgrades to your existing energy system to help meet some of these goals. Zone controls, for instance, let you tailor the heat settings to warm only one or two portions of the house while leaving unused sections alone. Similarly, programmable thermostats let you automatically set the heat to turn off when you leave in the morning and turn back on again ten minutes before you arrive home.

In addition to such features, you can ensure that your heater is running at maximum efficiency by scheduling regular maintenance sessions to tighten loose fittings and clean dirty parts. That will ensure that your heater isn’t wasting unnecessary energy.

If you need more tips on how to save money on your heating bill this season, or you want to schedule an upgrading or maintenance service for your existing heater, call the Oregon City, OR heating experts at Clean Air Act. We handle heating issues, and will work to ensure that our wet winters don’t impact your family’s health and comfort. Contact us to make an appointment today.

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