Common Indoor Air Quality Issues During the Heating Season

The U.S. Department of Health has determined that poor indoor air quality is one of the major threats to health in the country today. Because modern homes are designed as near-sealed environments to prevent heat loss during winter and heat infiltration during summer, contaminants that gather inside have little chance to escape. This lowered air quality is particularly acute during the heating season, when we close up our homes from the cold outdoor air—giving dust, debris, and other particles in the air even fewer places to get out.

At Clean Air Act, we want the Portland, OR heating season to go as pleasantly as possible for your household. Keeping your air free of pollutants is a large part of this. Here are some indoor air problems that are common at this time of the year which we can help you eliminate:

Dust and dirt buildup: Dust, dirt, and other pollutants will build up in your home during winter because of the sealed environment. If you have a heat pump or a furnace warming your home, dust will gather in the ductwork and get blown about your living spaces. A clogged air filter will increase this problem, as will breaks in the ducts that go without repair.

Humidity issues: You may not think about humidity as a problem during winter, but trouble with high and low humidity can strike at any time. If your air becomes too dry (a common trouble during cold weather), it can lead to cracked skin, nose bleeds, and dried out respiratory passages. High humidity will cause general discomfort and can contribute to the spread of common illnesses.

Mold and bacterial growth: The dark spaces inside ductwork offer an ideal spot for the growth of mold, fungus, and unwanted bacterial infestations. Increased humidity will encourage this growth. This can create a serious drop in your air quality.

There are a number of ways to combat these problems and keep the air in your home safe for your whole family. Have your ducts cleaned and your air filters changed regularly. Install mechanical filters or electronic air cleaners to remove contaminating particles. Place UV germicidal lights near vents to eliminate mold and prevent it from returning. Look into getting a humidifier or dehumidifier to control unusual humidity levels.

Clean Air Act can help you get quality indoor air with your heating in Portland, OR. We install different air filters and electronic air cleaners, as well as humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and we can find the right one for your home. We can also take care of bacterial infections with UV germicidal lights and perform top-quality duct cleaning. Contact us today to get the heating season started with indoor air quality products and services from clean air from Clean Air Act.

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