Air Handler Problems We Often See

Forced-air heating is a common way to provide warmth for a house. If you have a heat pump or a furnace installed, it uses the distribution of heated air through ductwork and out vents to deliver you the temperature necessary to enjoy a comfortable winter season in Oregon.

A key component of forced-air systems is the air handler, which is responsible for the movement of air through the ducts. Air handlers are different from system to system—a furnace air handler isn’t like a heat pump air handler—so repair work requires technicians with extensive and broad training. When you need that kind of professional heating repair service in Portland, OR, the people to turn to are the experts at Clean Air Act.

A few common air handlers issues

  • Air filter clogs: The most frequent trouble to afflict air handler comes from the filter designed to protect the interior of the heating system. The air filter must be changed regularly (we recommend once a month during the height of the heating season) or the amount of dirt and debris trapped in it will begin to restrict air flow—and worse, damage the filter so the debris infiltrates it and harms the inside of the air handler.
  • Burnt-out motors: Motors are responsible for running the air handler fan. If left without regular maintenance and cleaning, or if a large amount of dust enters the handler, the motors will strain to work and eventually burn out. Dusty motor bearings are one of the most common reasons for motors running down. If an air handler motor burns out, a professional will need to replace it.
  • Damaged fan belts: The most exposed section of the air handler, and the one most susceptible to damage, is the blower motor fan belt. It operates similar to the fan belt in a car engine, although you shouldn’t attempt to replace an air handler belt just because you know how to change a car engine belt: the job requires specific skills. If the fan belt becomes cracked or comes loose entirely, it will threaten to damage other components inside the air handler, so the belt needs to be replaced as soon as you discover something is wrong. (Usually a violent clacking sound.)

If the air handler in your furnace or air pump breaks down, it won’t matter how effectively the rest of the system runs: you will have zero airflow from the vents, and therefore zero heating. Call for professional repairs before the problem grows too large. You should also enroll in routine maintenance with a trusted HVAC company so you will catch air handler problems early and keep your system clean and functioning its best.

You can reach Clean Air Act 24 hours a day when you need heating repair in Portland, OR. Look into our maintenance program to help take good care of your air handler and all parts of your heating system.

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