3 Thermostat Upgrades to Consider

Thermostats are eminently reliable devices. When properly installed and powered, they can last for decades without any trouble at all. But there’s a downside to such longevity: it leaves you bereft of some of the exciting advances made in the field in the years since yours was installed. If you’ve have your existing thermostat for ten years or more, you may want to consider an upgrade to a more modern model. There’s a quality company here in Portland, OR that can perform installation and repairs for you, but before you contact them, you should think about some of the upgrades available and how they may impact your life.

1.     Smart Programming

New thermostats are often equipped with smart programming, which means they analyze your heating and cooling trends and make little adjustments to help improve efficiency. Not only will your home appear to feel more comfortable without you being aware of it, but the adjustment can help trim your monthly energy bill, putting money back in your pocket.

2.     Environmental Readings

Smart programming can do more than that, however. It can also analyze real-world conditions outside your home, and make adjustments based on things like high humidity, excessive wind and other factors that can make your home feel warmer or cooler than the temperature alone. As with other aspects of smart programming, that helps your system perform more efficiently, lowering strain and reducing the cost on monthly heating and cooling.

3.     Remote Programming

With a little help from your WiFi, your thermostat can be linked to you at all times via an app on your phone. That means you can turn it on and off, adjust the temperature and otherwise control your HVAC system completely, regardless of where you are.

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