Go Ductless for Winter

woman-operating-ductless-systemDuctless mini split systems are becoming more popular by the day, but for the most part, most homeowners are still using ducted systems. These include systems like furnaces, central air conditioners, and standard heat pumps.

While ducted systems are a great choice, there are plenty of reasons to lose the ducts and go with a ductless heat pump instead. The only issue is that most people don’t realize how beneficial it can be to make the switch. Here are a few of those benefits:

Zone Control Already Built-In

“Zone control” is an HVAC term for sectioning off areas of the home. This allows you to run different temperatures in different parts of the home. The level of customization and flexibility it provides means you can make your home as comfortable as you want. Or, you can be as efficient as you want by running the system more strategically.

Retrofitting zone control onto a duct system is not an easy task. The ideal time to install zone control in a duct system is in the very beginning.

An easier way to get zone control is by installing a ductless system. Every room gets its own ductless air handler, and each air handler has its own set of controls. The temperature in each room can be adjusted separately, giving you complete control over your HVAC system.

No Ducts? No Problems!

Duct systems are great ways to provide whole-house heating and cooling to your home. However, the ducts themselves are a significant piece of equipment. And like all equipment, they can get dirty and fall into disrepair.

Older duct systems will have accumulated layers of dust and dirt. That can lead to your rooms getting dustier faster, as well as a general decrease in indoor air quality. Plus, some of that dust can end up getting inside your HVAC system.

Even worse, the ducts themselves can develop leaks. If gone unchecked, leaks and disconnects in the ducts can be responsible for losing nearly 30% of your airflow. That means more than a fourth of your energy spent on heating or cooling the home will be lost.

Getting proper repairs and cleaning on the ducts is easy enough for a heating expert in Portland, OR, but some homeowners just want to skip that altogether. A ductless system is the one that will let you do that.

What About Efficiency?

There’s a general myth that floats around the internet that heat pumps are powerless in winter. Heat pumps do lose some efficiency in temperatures below 30°F, but they’re not helpless. Most heat pumps come with an auxiliary heating mode, which kicks in to help make up for this.

The heat pumps that don’t come with that feature are usually equipped with a more substantial compressor. It allows them to create warm air even in temperatures as low as –13°F without an auxiliary heating mode.

Make sure to speak with your HVAC contractor about these differences so they can help you find the right ductless system for you.

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