Is Geothermal Heating Right for Me?

Geothermal heating is an exciting alternative to traditional forms of heating. It uses a physical constant to provide warmth for your home: once you get more than a few feet below the ground, the temperature of the Earth never changes. A geothermal system simply runs a series of tubes below the ground on your property, then pumps a mixture of water and anti-freeze through it. The mixture facilitates a heat exchange with the ground, allowing you to warm or cool your home by drawing on an infinitely renewable natural resource. Geothermal heating can save you a great deal of money over the life of the unit, and a lot of Portland, OR residents will appreciate its environmentally friendly format. That being said, there are some factors involved which you should consider carefully before pulling the trigger. “Is geothermal heating right for me?” you ask. Here are some things to think about.

Property Space

Geothermal heating can be inserted vertically in the ground in some cases, but by and large, it requires a fair amount of space to capitalize on. If you have a good-sized chunk of property, it can likely be facilitated fairly readily. But if you’re living on a smaller patch of land, the logistics involved might not be a good fit.

Up-Front Costs

In the long term, geothermal systems can save you a great deal of money, but the initial investment costs a fair amount. Furthermore, because the coils need to be buried, the initial installation can be quite disruptive, and you need to be prepared for a significant operation before being able to use it. The good news is that, because they’re underground, the tubes are protected from wear and tear and rarely need repairs. But you’ll still need to front-load the costs before moving forward.

If geothermal heating sounds like the right option for you, then call the pros at Clean Air Act for more!

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