Indoor Air Quality Improves with Duct Cleaning

duct-cleaning-servicesSpring is here, and for a lot of homes in the area, that means spring cleaning to shake the dust and the dirt off of your furnishings. But while you focus on getting the bulk of your house clean, there’s often one key part that goes overlooked: your ducts, which carry conditioned air from the heater and the air conditioning system through the various rooms of your house.

Dust and dirt can build up inside your ducts quite readily, and getting rid of it takes more than just running the duster across the vents. How do you get at dust lodged inside your system? The answer is a duct cleaning service from trained professionals. They possess the tools, skills, and experience to clear the dust out of your ducts, and in the process keep your home cleaner and your indoor air quality high. Ideally, you should schedule a duct cleaning session for your home every 2-3 years for ideal results. Here’s a quick look at how the process works.

How It Works

Duct cleaning entails careful training and specialized equipment which is why you need trained experts to conduct it. The principles, however, are very simple. Vacuum power is used to pulls dust and other contaminants from the ducts.

First, coverings are placed on the furnishings in your home to protect your property from the dust. (The technicians will wear gloves and coverings on their feet to avoid tracking dust.) The ducts in your home will be sealed – all save one, which has a vacuum pump attached – and high-pressure air blown through the system. The vacuum collects any loosened dust or dirt and pulls it out of your system.

In many cases, brushes will be used as well, particularly around the edges of the vent to get all of the remaining contaminants out of the system. When it’s over, your ducts will be unsealed and the coverings in your home will be removed: leaving your ducts cleaner and your home in excellent shape.

The Results

As a result of the duct cleaning, the quality of your air will go up, since dust and dirt won’t circulate every time you turn your system on. You won’t need to spend as much time dusting or cleaning your home as you would otherwise, cutting down on the amount of housework you have to do.

You’ll also find your family tends to be healthier, with fewer instances of illness cropping up. (We especially recommend duct cleaning services if you’re expecting a new baby in the home, or if you have sensitive family members in the household such as the elderly or those with conditions like asthma.) Perhaps most importantly, your heating and air conditioning system will tend to stay cleaner, which cuts down on friction on moving parts and helps prevent issues such as clogged burners from interfering with your system’s ability to function.

For quality duct cleaning in Portland, OR, call on the friendly professionals at The Clean Air Act today to make an appointment!

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