Why Is My Air Conditioner Making a Buzzing Noise?

You’re used to the hum of your air conditioning welcoming you home on a warm summer day. But what happens when this familiar sound becomes overshadowed by something else? One common noise you may hear from your AC system is a loud buzzing sound coming from your outdoor unit. Don’t let this sound ruin your familiar summer soundtrack. If you hear any strange noises coming from your AC, turn off the unit and call a professional technician for air conditioning repair.


Here Are Some of the Reasons You May Hear a Buzzing Noise in Your AC Unit

Loose Parts

A buzzing sound may indicate loose or damaged parts within your system. Loose bearings, for example, may occasionally rub against one another. While this may not seem like a huge problem at first, it may cause other components of your system to suffer premature wear and leave you with a system that breaks down when you need it most.

Motor Issues

Your AC unit relies on motors to operate the compressor and the fans. If anything interferes with this motor, such as a bent blade, or a lack of lubrication, a buzzing noise may occur. A defective motor can eventually cause your fans to stop working, or it can lead to a faulty compressor that won’t properly cool your home. It’s imperative that motor issues are checked as soon as possible to avoid a malfunctioning system later on.

Other Electrical Problem

Buzzing may often indicate any number of electrical issues, such as a loose contactor for the capacitor in your system, which requires the expertise of a professional to diagnose. Never attempt to fix electrical components on your own; a technician is far more qualified to keep your home and air conditioning system safe during repairs.

That mysterious buzzing is never a friendly sound. When you encounter strange noises from your air conditioning unit in Portland, trust the professionals to locate the source of the problem and give you back that familiar AC hum. For air conditioning repair in Portland, call Clean Air Act today!

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