How Can I Improve the Performance of My Air Conditioner?

The ability to cool your home effectively and efficiently is a great benefit in the midst of the summer heat. At Clean Air Act, we do not believe that any of our customers should have to compromise when it comes to comfort, no matter how hot it may get outside. If you are at all dissatisfied with the quality of your air conditioning system’s performance, give us a call today. There are many ways in which you can improve the performance of your air conditioning system without investing in a new one. Our Portland, OR air conditioning technicians can help you keep your cool this summer.

One way you can help your air conditioning system to operate with greater performance levels is to schedule professional duct cleaning service. If you use a ducted forced air distribution system to circulate conditioned air throughout your home, you should make sure that your air ducts are in the best condition possible. Otherwise you risk reducing the efficiency and effectiveness with which your air conditioning system operates. A buildup of dirt and debris in your air ducts impede the flow of air throughout your system. It can also lead to clogged air filters within your air conditioning system, which in turn leads to increased airflow resistance. Your air conditioner will need to work harder in order to force air through this resistance, which will lead it to work with decreased efficiency, as well as putting unnecessary wear and tear on the system.

If your air ducts are damaged, leaking or otherwise compromised, professional duct repair can also help to greatly improve the performance of your air conditioner. All of the air that you pay to cool must pass through your ductwork system. This means that air leaks in your ducts waste energy. Your air conditioner will have to work overtime to replace this lost energy, resulting in high cooling costs despite a weaker performance.

The best way to keep your air conditioning system operating as successfully as possible is to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance service. Only when every component of your air conditioner is operating properly can you hope to get the most efficient, reliable performance possible from your AC. Contact Clean Air Act today to learn more. Our Portland, OR air conditioning technicians want to help you live more comfortably throughout the hottest time of the year.

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