How Your Thermostat Affects Your Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner is a big system, but it is all triggered by one small component: your thermostat. Today’s thermostats have gotten very tech-savvy, but unless your thermostat tells the system to turn on, it won’t – which is why, when your thermostat has problems, it affects the whole system. That is also why as soon as you notice issues with your thermostat you should contact the thermostat experts at Clean Air Act Inc.

Thermostats aren’t the most complicated piece of your air conditioner, but they can cause discomfort and problems when they aren’t working the way they should. Eliminating the possibility that your thermostat could be causing you problems with your air conditioning in Portland can help your Clean Air Act technician pinpoint problems more succinctly. Here is a list of issues we’ve come across in our 14 years of working on air conditioners:

  • Air conditioner not starting
  • Air conditioner not stopping
  • Short cycling
  • Program resets on its own (for programmable thermostats)
  • Room temperature does not match setting on thermostat (could be warmer or colder)
  • Generalized problems with display (no back light, no screen appearing, etc.)

Effects of a Malfunctioning Thermostat

When your thermostat malfunctions, it can have a few effects, depending on what is malfunctioning. Obviously if your air conditioner won’t start or stop, it’s pretty clear what the problems are. But what happens when the thermostat creates some of the other problems listed above?

  • Short cycling – not only can it become uncomfortable in your home: short cycling can cause premature wear-and-tear, potential breakdown and a jump in your utility bill.
  • Program resetting – the programmable feature on your thermostat helps control how when your system runs. If the program keeps resetting, you can lose the benefit of energy efficiency that comes with programming your air conditioner. This may cause a jump up in your energy bill.
  • Varying room temperatures – uneven cooling can be uncomfortable, and if your thermostat is in a part of your home that is warmer, it can trigger the thermostat to keep the system running more than it should.
  • Display problems – not seeing your thermostat settings  is irritating and potentially costly. After all, if you can’t see what temperature is set, you can’t set your thermostat to be effective.

Get It Fixed

Most problems with thermostats are relatively minor and do not require tremendous work – but letting them go may cause bigger problems down the road. Since your air conditioner uses electricity to run, we strongly recommend having your Clean Air Act specialist take a look at any problems you may experience with your thermostat.

Have questions about the thermostat for your Portland air conditioning? Schedule an appointment with the experts at Clean Air Act today!

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