Don’t Wait to Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired

When late summer hits Portland, OR, a lot of homeowners are more willing to let minor air conditioning repairs sit until the fall arrives. They reason that they can hold tight until they no longer need their air conditioners on a daily basis, instead of taking it offline for a day or so while the technician fixes the problem. It may seem like sound reasoning, but in fact it can make an already difficult situation much worse. You may think you can live with a minor air conditioning problem, but don’t wait to get your air conditioner repaired.

It Could Get Worse

Problems don’t usually sit tight and wait until you’re ready to deal with them. In fact, they usually get much worse in the interim. This is especially true with your air conditioner: any kind of a problem subjects the remaining components to additional strain as they work harder and longer to overcome the issue. That raises the chances that they themselves will breakdown, which not only necessitates a more expensive repair bill, but forces you to shut down the system and call in a repair service regardless: precisely the outcome you hoped to avoid.

It Will Cost You Anyway

Even if your system doesn’t encounter a catastrophic breakdown while you’re waiting, the added strain means that it’s consuming more energy than it needs to until you fix the issue. It’s like a tax for waiting: elevating your monthly energy bills unnecessarily and pulling more money out of your pocket. We still have a fair chunk of summer to go before temperatures will cool, and waiting until then means your bank account will be smaller than it needs to be.

Whenever you detect any kind of a problem with your air conditioner, no matter how minor, call the pros at The Clean Air Act immediately to get it fixed!

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