Common Problems That Can Develop with Air Handlers

If you have a forced air system for cooling and/or heating, then the air is blown into your home by a large fan called the blower. The blower doesn’t work alone, though; it is part of a group of components known as the blower assembly, and when one component in the assembly malfunctions, it is likely you will have problems with your blower. It’s important to call an expert any time you have an issue with your blower or its components, and the trained specialists at Clean Air Act are here to help. Need air handler repair for your Milwaukie, OR home? Call us today and schedule an appointment.

Problem 1: Issues with the fan blades

Fan blades can loosen, bend or break, causing problems with air flow as well as potential damage to surrounding components. Problems with fan blades are often denoted by loud banging sounds, so if you hear this sound coming from your HVAC system, call for an expert.

Problem 2: Electrical problems

Electrical problems in the blower assembly can develop with wiring, especially with wires that have corroded or frayed. Electrical issues can also develop with the motor, both with wiring and with the capacitors. Any repairs that involve electricity should always be handled by a trained expert, so if you suspect the problem with your air handler may be electrical in nature, call for a specialist.

Problem 3: Limit switch malfunction

Your blower has a switch that protects your heating system while also ensuring that only warm air blows into your home during the winter months. This component is called the limit switch and if it malfunctions, it can cause your blower to run continuously, intermittently or not at all.

A malfunctioning air handler can result in low air flow and stress on your HVAC system. If you are in need of air handler repair in Milwaukie, OR, call the experts at Clean Air Act today.

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