3 Things to Look for with Central Air Conditioning Services

air-conditioning-repairWe’re finally done with our air conditioners for the next few months, as cold weather settles in and homeowners start to use their heaters more and more often. Now actually makes the ideal time to schedule air conditioning service to correct any problems your AC may have experienced over the course of the summer, and ensure that it’s ready to go by the time next spring rolls around.  It’s also a good time to get your system maintained: ensuring that it functions at peak efficiency and catching little problems before they turn into big ones. And if you need to new system to replace an old failing one you have months to plan and prepare for it before contacting a technician and discussing your options.)

The right service can make a huge difference as far as these services go, and while any licensed company can do a decent job, your home – and your air conditioner – deserve more than that. Every service is different and only you can make the right choice that works for your home. But in most cases, you should look for the following three signs to ensure that you choose the right service.

1.     Free Estimates

The basis of any successful business is repeat business, and that means delivering quality service for a reasonable price. That starts with up-front estimates. A quality air conditioning service technician will spell out all of the costs involved in any repair job up front, before any work has been done and any money has changed hands. That protects you in the event of the unexpected and ensures that you know exactly what’s entailed in any repairs. It also speaks to the honesty and forthrightness of the service: protecting you and your system regardless of the circumstances.

2. Manufacturer Endorsements

AC manufacturers have a vested interested in keeping their systems maintained by quality technicians. It helps them maintain their own reputations for quality and reliability. Most AC repair companies have endorsements from satisfied customers, but endorsements from manufacturers carry a huge amount of weight. It means those companies have faith in the repair service to do right by their products: to treat any issues swiftly and efficiently and to enhance their own reputation where it matters the most. Look for a company with endorsements from major AC brands such as Goodman, Aprilaire, and Mitsubishi, with a particular eye on your specific brand of air conditioning.

3. Guarantees

Estimates and endorsements are terrific signs that the air conditioning company has the right skills and integrity to do the job. But at the end of the day, the system needs to work once the repair technician is done. The most effective way to get those results it to look for a company with a guarantee: who promises that the parts and labor are top-notch and offers to return and correct any further issues should the repair job not be up to snuff.

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