Best Practices For Using Your Thermostat

air-conditioning-serviceYour thermostat is the translator between you and your AC unit. You let the thermostat know what temperature you want the house to be and then the temperature translates those commands to your air conditioner so it can get to work.

It makes sense that you’d want to know how to use the thermostat in a smart way so that you can get the best effectiveness and efficiency from your air conditioning in Portland, OR. But is there really a “best” way to use your thermostat? We’d say there is.

Here are some best practices to employ when using your thermostat throughout the rest of the summer.

Never set the temperature more than 20° below the temperature outside.

Your air conditioner is made to stop at a certain temperature differential. This means that trying to drop the temperature in your home more than 20° below the temperature outside the house isn’t going to do you any good. What will happen is your AC will run almost nonstop, increasing the wear and tear on it and eating up extra energy.

Try to keep the temperature setting at 78° at the lowest during the day.

Throughout the summer, try not to set the indoor temperature below 78°. This temperature can be great for your comfort while also ensuring that you don’t force the AC to use extra energy to cool the house. This maximum temperature will have to be adjusted accordingly with the outside temperature of course—on a 100° day, you won’t want to set the thermostat below 80° because of the temperature differential we just discussed.

If possible, turn the temperature up at night.

If at all possible, turn up the thermostat a bit at night when everyone is settling in for bed. The internal body temperature for most people drops when they are asleep, meaning it is easier to stay cool at night even when the thermostat is turned up a bit. We advise keeping your nighttime temperature setting between 80° and 82°.

Make sure to upgrade your thermostat whenever you upgrade any other comfort system in the home.

When was the last time that you upgraded your thermostat? If it was before you last upgraded one or both of your home comfort systems, then it means that you are due for a thermostat switch. If you ever upgrade one of your comfort systems, you should also upgrade your thermostat along with it. Trying to use an older thermostat with a newer comfort system can lead to poor performance and lower efficiency.

Use programs whenever possible.

If you have a thermostat that has the option to create cooling and heating programs then we would advise using those to your benefit. Using programs can help avoid a battle for the thermostat and can help you get better comfort from your AC without using extra energy.

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