When To Schedule AC Tune-Ups

While Beaverton, OR isn’t known for its hot weather, having a good air conditioning system is a critical part of your comfort. For those few days when it’s hot you want to be able to stay comfortable in your home. Getting your air conditioning system regularly inspected and tuned up is a great way to make sure that your AC system works well when you need it. At Clean Air Act, we take our customers’ comfort very seriously. That’s why we offer high quality air conditioning tune-ups throughout the Beaverton, OR area. Here are some suggestions for homeowners in the area about the benefits of scheduling AC tune-ups and when you should do it.

When to Schedule AC Tune-Ups in Beaverton OR

During the fall and winter you likely don’t use your air conditioning system. But when the spring and summer comes around you will likely be using your AC more often. Likely, the best time to get your air conditioning system maintained and tuned up is right before you start using it again. Some companies recommend that you recommend that you get your air conditioning system tuned up in the spring before the cooling season rolls around. Call Clean Air Act if you’re interested in scheduling air conditioning maintenance in Beaverton, OR.

Benefits of Regular AC Tune-Ups in Beaverton OR

Having your air conditioning system regularly maintained, inspected and cleaned has tremendous benefits for homeowners in Beaverton, OR. During regular maintenance visits, your AC technician will inspect and clean every component of your air conditioning unit. This will allow them to find small problems before they turn into larger, more costly repairs. Not only can this potentially reduce the need for air conditioning repairs in Beaverton but it could also improve the efficiency of your system.

If you need air conditioning repairs in Beaverton OR, call the AC experts at Clean Air Act. Contact Clean Air Act today!

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