3 Factors to Consider with a New Air Conditioning Installation

A good air conditioner is a staple of your home, and while routine maintenance can make yours last a long time, sooner or later every AC unit needs to be replaced. Here in Portland, OR, spring makes an excellent time to replace an older or faulty air conditioner before the summer months bring heat and humidity with them. Because it represents a significant investment in your home, however, the decision to replace your air conditioner should come only after careful planning and consideration. Here are 3 factors to consider with a new air conditioning installation.

1. Sizing is Key

Most people know better than to install an air conditioner that isn’t powerful enough to adequately cool your space. But you also need to avoid selecting a unit that is too powerful, which will cause it to cycle on and off more than it should – increasing strain and raising your monthly bills in the bargain. A trained professional can help you pick a unit that is sized right for your space and conditions.

2. Check the SEER Rating

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: a measure of how efficiently the air conditioner uses energy. The higher the ratio, the less energy it needs to cool your house and the lower your bills will be. Look for units with the highest SEER rating you can afford, and always make sure the new unit has a higher SEER rating than the old.

3. Look into Upgrades

Technology advances constantly, and chances are a new air conditioner will offer features and options that your previous one does not. Look into features like multi-speed fans, UV filters to improve the air quality and units that offer quiet running modes.

If you’re considering a new air conditioning installation, contact the experts at The Clean Air Act. We’ll go over your options with you and find the one for you!

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