Do I Need Both Air Filters and Air Purifiers?

February 26th, 2024

If you’ve heard of a whole-house air purifier, you may be wondering if one is necessary for your home. After all, your home’s HVAC system has an air filter in place to help capture dust and dirt. Is an air purifier really necessary for better indoor air quality?

The short answer is yes, and we can explain why. Just give our team a call to learn more about installing an air purifier in Milwaukie, OR. You can also keep reading to learn more about the benefits of an air purifier and how one of these systems is different from the air filter on your HVAC system.

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How UV Air Purifiers Work to Create a Healthier Home

February 12th, 2024

If you’re looking to improve the indoor air quality of your home, a whole-house air purifier is the way to go. Yes, you can purchase higher quality air filters for your HVAC system or even invest in a small portable air purifier, but neither of these solutions can match the results of a whole-house solution.

Our team would love to help your family with a UV air purifier in Portland, OR. You can keep reading to learn more about how a UV air purifier works and how it would be set up in your home. Then you can give our team a call to schedule your appointment and take a step toward healthy indoor air quality. 

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Why Dehumidifiers Can Be Great for Winters

January 15th, 2024

If you’re looking for ways to improve your indoor air quality, you may want to consider a dehumidifier. While some humidity in the air is beneficial, too much is just too much. A dehumidifier can benefit your heater, your home, and your family all at the same time.

If you have been thinking about installing a dehumidifier in Beavercreek, OR, now is a great time to invest in one of these unique home systems. You can also keep reading to learn more about how a dehumidifier works and why they are so beneficial during the winter season.

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The Parts That Make a Heat Pump Different From an AC

January 2nd, 2024

A heat pump is similar to an air conditioner in a lot of ways. Even though it cools using the same methods, a heat pump also has the added feature of heating your home. It’s a feature that an air conditioner does not offer. With the addition of heating come some unique parts that make a heat pump different from an air conditioner.

When you need service for a heat pump in Estacada, OR, you can give our team a call to schedule an appointment. Whether you need preventative maintenance or repairs, our team is always here to help. You can also keep reading to learn more about the components that help your heat pump operate to warm your home during the winter.

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The Furnace Filter: What It Does and Why It Needs to Be Changed Regularly

December 18th, 2023

You may think you understand the role of an air filter in your furnace—and you probably do. But the air filter does more than you might think. It’s not just about improving your indoor air quality.

Leaving a dirty filter in place for too long can mean that you are left calling our team to schedule furnace repair in Estacada, OR. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of changing your air filter on time each month and the impact it can have if it is left dirty and clogged for too long.

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How Can I Know It’s Time for Duct Cleaning?

December 4th, 2023

Duct cleaning is an important service for a couple of reasons. Cleaning your ducts regularly helps your heater and air conditioner each run more efficiently. The service also helps to improve your indoor air quality.

The trick is knowing when it is time to schedule a heating duct cleaning in Clackamas. We typically recommend that you schedule a service every three to five years. You can keep reading to learn more about the signs that it is time to schedule a duct cleaning service for your home.

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The Obstinate Heat Pump: Why It Just Won’t Heat the House

November 20th, 2023

If you have a heat pump, you probably chose it because it is highly efficient and offers both heating and cooling all in one. But the colder the temperatures get outside, the more that your heat pump may struggle to keep your home warm. 

If you’re not comfortable with the indoor air temperatures with your heat pump turned on and set to “heat,” it may be time to invest in heat pump repair in Clackamas, OR. You can keep reading to learn more about how a heat pump works to heat your home, and why it may not be up to your standards during the wintertime.

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Some of Your Options for More Energy-Efficient Heating

November 6th, 2023

If you’re thinking about installing a new heating system in your home, you have a variety of options. Even if your current heater worked great for its entire lifespan, there may still be a better option on the market. Since heaters can last for anywhere between 15 and 30 years, there is a good chance that technology has changed a lot since you last had a heater installed.

When you need service for heating in Beavercreek, OR, our team is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about the types of heaters that we install. 

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The Components That Help Your Gas Furnace Run Safer

October 23rd, 2023

Having a gas furnace is a huge benefit to your home. Gas furnaces provide heat quickly and effectively. But you do face some risks with a gas furnace because there’s always a chance of a carbon monoxide leak. The good news is, modern furnaces have a lot of safety features on them.

You can keep reading to learn more about the safety features on gas furnaces. If you have an older furnace that doesn’t include these safety features, it may be time for an upgrade. No matter what type of heater you have, you can give our team a call for furnace repair in Portland, OR if you have any concerns about how your furnace is operating or just want to schedule a tune-up.

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Make Sure to Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up and Inspection in Fall

October 9th, 2023

You’ve likely already turned your heater on for the season, and now it’s time to ensure that your heater is 100% ready no matter how cold the temperatures yet this winter. The only way to do that is by scheduling furnace service in Clackamas, OR.

Our team can check out your system and make sure that everything is operating the way it should. If we have any concerns, we can bring them to your attention and offer to repair or replace parts that need to be addressed before winter is in full swing. You can keep reading to learn more about why a tune-up and inspection for your furnace is so crucial at this time of year.

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