Consider a Humidifier This Fall

With Labor Day come and gone here in Tigard, OR, it’s time to slowly turn away from your air conditioning system and look to the needs of the fall and winter. Now is an excellent time to plan for repairs or upgrades to your home, before the snows fall when you still have an opportunity to plan any changes at leisure. If dry air is a problem in your home, you might want to think about adding a whole-house humidifier. It’s simple and easy to operate, and with professional installation, it can provide you with many years of reliable service.

The Problems Associated with Dry Air

Whenever relative humidity drops below 30%, it begins to affect our environment. This is fairly common during the winter, when falling temperatures cause the ambient moisture in the air to coalesce into droplets, removing the humidity from the air. The problems that it creates can include:

  • A dry, itchy feeling on your skin, chapped lips and even cracks and rashes in the worst cases.
  • Dried-out sinuses, which leave your body vulnerable to colds and flu bugs.
  • Static electricity, which is a painful nuisance and in extreme cases can damage electronics.
  • A generally cool feeling in the air, forcing your heater to work harder than it should to do its job.

Whole-House Humidifiers Solve the Problem

A whole-house humidifier is a fairly simple device: a moist wick or a pad connected to a water supply, with a fan blowing across it that sends moisture through your ducts. But it can do wonders for alleviating the problems associated with dry air, as well as providing a more comfortable environment in general. It requires very little maintenance once installed and can function for years with the right service company on-hand to handle any issues.

Call Clean Air Act, Inc. to discuss the installation of a humidifier in your home!

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