Start the Season Right With These HVAC Services


Summer isn’t exactly around the corner, but when it comes to your HVAC system, it’ll be here before you know it. One month you’re weaning off of your heater, and a few months later, you’ll be gradually turning on that air conditioner more and more.

In between this time period is the perfect chance for some air conditioning services. They’ll keep your system running right, save you money, and even make your air better to breathe. Here are three HVAC services that you should schedule appointments for sooner rather than later if you want to get the most back on your investment:

Boost Efficiency With Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning in Portland, OR is the service of, well, cleaning out your duct systems. The ducts will gradually accumulate dust and dirt over the years, so there’s nothing quite like a thorough cleaning to eliminate some of the dust and contaminants that might be floating through your air space.

However, what many don’t realize is that duct cleaning also includes a thorough cleaning of the air conditioning and heating systems themselves. After all, dust can just as easily build up on top of the sensitive components, such as the evaporator and condenser coils, the gas burners, and more.

Too much dust can severely reduce the effectiveness of these components. In other words, you’ll be paying more just to achieve the usual level of cooling in the home. A nice cleaning will give you a nice efficiency boost, especially if you’ve never had it performed before.

Maintenance As a Benchmark

To run your air conditioner efficiently, you need to keep tabs on its performance. No amount of maintenance and upgrades will do you any good if you’re not evaluating how much money you spend on a monthly basis.

When you get maintenance, a big plus is that it will help restore most of your system’s efficiency. Another plus, however, is the fact that it gives you a “fresh start” for the season.

Getting your AC tuned up and running at its best will give you a benchmark for the rest of the season. If there are any strange increases in the bill after that, you’ll know there’s something wrong, whether it’s a repair issue or simply your own cooling habits.

Thermostat Upgrade

Of course, if you really want to keep tabs on your efficiency and performance goals, you’d do well to invest in a smart thermostat. You can certainly run an efficient system with a basic programmable thermostat as well, but it’s the capabilities of the smart thermostat that can really make the difference.

A smart thermostat learns from your cooling habits and builds a schedule around it. That way you can spend less time fidgeting with the dial and instead simply let it do the work for you. It can do this with your efficiency goals in mind, so all you have to do is trust the system.

Don’t enter summer without being prepared! Contact The Clean Air Act today to schedule service. Please call Sydni, our Office Extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment! We will take care of you from there!

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