How Does Indoor Air Quality Help Your Heater?

We concern ourselves with keeping warm every winter in Oregon City, OR. Falling temperature and copious snow means we need to rely on a good heating system to maintain comfortable temperatures at home. But indoor air quality factors in as well, not only ensuring a cleaner household environment, but easing some of the burden on your heating system in the bargain. Now is the time to install an IAQ product in your home, when fall temperatures are still comparatively warm and you can begin to enjoy the benefits before winter begins. What kind of benefits are we talking about? Let’s take a look.

Dry Air is Hard on Heaters

When the moisture levels in the air drop below 30%, it feels colder than it actually is (as well as creating a host of other problems such as dry skin and increased vulnerability to colds. A humidifier installed in your system will elevate moisture levels throughout your home, easing the burden on your heater by making the air feel warmer as a result.

Air Cleaners

Electronic air cleaners and high-end filters are another potent aid for your heating system. Dust and dirt can be a nuisance when they settle on your furniture, but they can also cause big trouble for your heating array. Burners can become clogged by dust, reducing your system’s heating power, while dusty moving components such as fans and fan motors can suffer from unnecessary wear and tear. By removing dust from the air, a formal cleaner can eliminate these issues, lowering the risk of a breakdown with your heater and maybe even shaving a few dollars off of your monthly heating bill to boot!

If either of these products sound like a good fit for your home, then give the professionals at Clean Air Act, Inc. a call today!

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