Conduct Heating Repairs Now

With fall colors appearing in Tigard, OR, we only have a few weeks left to go before the snow start to fall. That gives you a window to conduct any heating repairs that may be needed. We all hope for the best when it comes to heating, but with the weather still warm enough to allow for some flexibility, it’s easy enough to take some sensible precautions. Doing so can pay big dividends in the future.

Why Now?

No one wants to think about suffering a heating breakdown in the middle of the winter, but if you haven’t checked on your system, that could very well be what happens. Scheduling a heating maintenance session means that you have time to correct any problems before the weather gets too cold. You can schedule repairs (if needed) at your leisure, and balance it against the responsibilities of family and work. Contrast that with an unexpected breakdown in the middle of winter, forcing you to scramble before your home turns into an icebox. Making repairs now also means avoiding the damage you would incur by running the system over the next few weeks or months: making the overall costs lower in most cases.

How to Tell If You Need It

A maintenance session is the perfect way to look for repairs, because your heater will benefit even if nothing is wrong. Maintenance sessions are designed to improve efficiency, which is never a bad idea this time of the year. Beyond that, you should look for any signs that things aren’t running as normal, including:

  • Odd noises, especially noises that stop when you turn off the system.
  • Unexpectedly high bills.
  • Loss of heating power.
  • Reduced heating flow.

If you haven’t scheduled maintenance this year, or if you detect any of the issues listed above, call the pros at Clean Air Act, Inc to give your heating system a look!

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