Why Air Handler Installation Makes Sense

The air handler is an essential component for any forced-air heating system. The blower fan in this unit does the job of distributing the air from the HVAC cabinet and sending it into the ductwork toward the vents, maintaining a continual airflow. In heat pumps and air conditioners, the air handler also contains the refrigerant coils necessary for conditioning the air. Without an air handler, the heated and cooled air you need for your comfort would never reach you.

Air handlers can be installed with a new HVAC system, or added later as a replacement for an older air handler. Contact Clean Air Act in Portland, OR for heating or HVAC installations that require expert work with an air handler.

It’s vitally important that you have professionals take care of air handler installation. Air handlers aren’t simply fans: they house powerful blower motors hooked to fans inside casings, and also include dampers and filters, and, if necessary, heating and cooling elements. An air handler must be properly sized to fit a specific furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner. If you update your current HVAC system, or if you get a new one, you will also need to have new air handler installation from a professional to make the two work together properly. Have technicians inspect your new HVAC system so they will know what kind of air handler you need.

Air handler installation requires specialized work. The flanges of the air handler’s cabinet must hook up to the ductwork system as well as the HVAC system cabinet, and then wired into the power system as well as the thermostat that controls the fan. (Thermostats have separate wires to control the fan and the heater/cooler.) For heat pumps and ACs, the air handler must also connect to the refrigerant line.

It’s possible for an air handler to break down before the HVAC system fails, in which case you can have a replacement put in instead of needing to replace your whole system. With professional assistance, you’ll find a new unit that works superior to your old one.

For excellent work with air handlers, look to Clean Air Act. We have over a decade of work with cooling and heating installation in Portland, OR. If you’re experiencing poor airflow from your vents, or if you wish to update your HVAC system, call us for help with air handler installation.

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