Energy Saving Options with Heating Systems

There are many way to reduce your energy bills through more efficient heating. You can install a new thermostat with better control features, maintain lower temperatures and add an extra layer of clothing, have improved insulation placed in the attic, and schedule regular maintenance for your heating system to keep it running effectively.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the larger ways to save energy with heating system installation. Call Clean Air Act today to talk about all of these and more options for superior energy-saving heating in Portland, OR.

3 heating system options that can save energy

  1. High efficiency small ductwork systems: This upgrade in your ductwork goes a long way toward cutting down on the amount of heat lost through a standard ventilation system. The small ducts take up a third less space than standard ductwork (which means they’ll work for many homes that couldn’t fit ducts at all), and with 65% less surface area for the heated air to pass, there is far less heat loss on the way to the vents. They also have custom gasket connectors that reduce air leaking common in standard ductwork.
  2. High velocity heating systems: One of the problems of standard forced-air heaters like furnaces and heat pumps is that the heated air they send into rooms rises and gathers at the ceiling, taking longer to fill up the room with warmth and often leaving cold pockets. High efficiency systems send out the air at speeds around 2000 feet per second, which generates currents inside a room that eliminate cold pockets of air and distribute heat quickly. You will need to run your heating system far less with this sort of delivery system. (As a bonus, high velocity heating creates far less noise than standard forced-air systems.)
  3. Geothermal systems: If you want to take a big step toward energy savings and benefiting the environment, look into have a geothermal heat pump installed in your home and property. Geothermal heating is stable and reliable thanks to the consistent temperature of the earth where the coils run. They have very little energy loss, and even with the higher expense of installation, the savings from a geothermal system are so high that it will pay for itself in 5–10 years… and last another 30–40 years after that.

Find the right way to save money with your heating

Not all of the above options will work with every home. You will need HVAC specialists to assist you with finding the best way to bring energy-saving heating to you. Talk to our skilled technicians at Clean Air Act today to start on the road toward better heating in Portland, OR that will cut down on your energy bills.

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