What a Furnace Upgrade Means for You

Furnaces are deceptively simple. Many homeowners imagine furnaces like they used to be in picture books: a big old iron box that you throw oil or wood into with great pipes that lead through the ceiling. Most furnaces are not like that. They’re complicated machines that function using gas or electric burners, constantly cycling through fuel to heat the air through your home.

So, if your furnace resembles the clunky iron box in a children’s book, then you might want to consider purchasing an upgrade before you’re stuck looking into furnace repair in Gresham, OR. These systems become more efficient, safer, and comfortable every year. You’re honestly missing out by forgetting that.

Increased Efficiency

When temperatures get low, we turn the heat up. By consuming more energy, furnaces can churn out more heat to keep us warm longer. However, what if we told you by upgrading to a newer system, you can essentially pay less to heat your home more? If you’re wondering exactly how, we’ve got some ideas to help you understand.

  • Two-stage furnace valves and motors. A two-stage furnace functions similarly to an inverter air conditioner, where it has two speeds of heating that can massively increase efficiency. The first speed warms the system and your home up quickly, then the second drops the energy usage down to keep a slow, comfortable, heat flow.
  • Electronic pilot. The pilot flame of a gas furnace is essential. However, that pilot flame burns gas throughout the entirety of the winter, which can be a waste depending on how you look at it. An electrical pilot only comes on when needed via an electric spark you control.

These might not seem like a lot, but considering how often you use your furnace during the winter, they can end up saving you more money than you think.

A Safer Solution

Let’s face it, an old furnace can be a safety hazard. A heating system like that is comprised of many pipes and valves connected to a gas source. Over time, your system can develop cracks and problems that might lead to a gas leak. Even a potential gas leak is something to worry about, so make sure you’ve got a professional technician looking at your furnace to tell you how an upgrade could help improve the safety of your home.

An Upgrade in Comfort

Newer furnaces these days have systems in place that can regulate temperature more accurately and thoroughly throughout a home. Variable operating speeds, zone control systems … there are an impressive amount of tools that a modern furnace uses to keep your home comfortable. Furnaces produced today can regulate temperature far more effectively than they could twenty years ago. If you’d like to know exactly how, contact a professional technician for more exact details.

The moral of the story is that your winter budget and heating needs can both benefit from an upgrade. Like any appliance, furnaces that are produced and maintained today are far more efficient, effective, and safe than they were years ago.

For all your furnace needs contact the Clean Air Act today! Please call Sydni, our office extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment! We will take care of you from there!

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