How Do Professionals Perform Duct Cleaning?

Before you schedule an air duct cleaning, you may be wondering just what is involved in this service. How does an air duct cleaning work? We’ll review step-by-step what our professionals do during air duct cleaning. 

When you’re ready to schedule an appointment for duct cleaning in Portland, OR, give our team a call. You can also keep reading to learn more about the details of duct cleaning services so you know exactly what to expect. We’re also highlighting the benefits of duct cleaning so you know why the service is so important.

Step One: Inspection

Before we do anything, we want to complete a thorough inspection of your ductwork. This can help us identify any broken seals or holes where your ductwork may be particularly dirty. We can even peek inside your ductwork from different angles to see how dirty the inside is. This gives us a good idea of what types of cleaning tools and solutions we need to use. It also gives us an overall idea of what condition your ductwork is in.

Step Two: Vacuum 

Once we inspect your ductwork, we seal it off completely to create negative pressure. We attach our specially designed vacuum to your ductwork and then turn it on. This negative pressure allows us to pull out a lot of the dust and dirt from inside your ducts.

Eliminating buildup inside of your ductwork is important for a couple of reasons: 

The first is that all of these dust and dirt particles can stir up and interfere with streamlined airflow from your AC unit into your home. The second reason this step is important is because of your indoor air quality. When these particles stir up and mix with clean air, they blow out into your home and continue recirculating. Then you and your family are breathing in dirty air that is full of bacteria, pollution, and even viruses. 

Step Three: Scrub

Some dust will not get sucked out using our vacuum tool without a little help. We have scrubbers and rotating brushes that can aid in loosening buildup so that we can eliminate it from inside of your ductwork. Even the toughest buildup doesn’t stand a chance during a duct cleaning service. If your ductwork is particularly dirty, we may take an opportunity at this point to sanitize the inside as an extra precaution.

Step Four: Clean Your HVAC System

We also want to clean your HVAC system ahead of your ductwork. After all, if there is existing dust in your ductwork, then there’s likely dust and dirt in the rest of the system too. By cleaning the entire system, we can give you a fresh start. If we only clean your ducts, then the existing dust in your HVAC system will simply continue to pass through and settle once again in the ducts. 

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