How Can I Improve AC Efficiency & Indoor Air Quality?

Keeping a home comfortable and doing so efficiently are goals that a lot of homeowners have. Unfortunately, too often they are goals that work against one another. Many homeowners think that in order to operate the air conditioning system efficiently they must seal up their homes, which results in stale, low-quality air. If they over ventilate their homes, though, cool air escapes and reduces efficiency. The air conditioning and indoor air quality experts at The Clean Air Act have some tips for you to operate your air conditioner efficiently while boosting indoor air quality in Beaverton, OR.

One way to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning in Beaverton and while simultaneously improving your  indoor air quality is to schedule professional duct cleaning in Beaverton. Dirty air ducts reduce energy efficiency and indoor air quality in a variety of ways. While it is unlikely that your air ducts will become so dirty that they are blocked off, it is possible that the dirt and other pollutants in them will clog up your air filters. This will increase airflow resistance and cost you more money to keep your home comfortable. Having your ducts cleaned allows your AC to operate with greater efficiency and also can reduce the amount of airborne pollutants circulating throughout your home.

A major cause of poor air conditioning efficiency and indoor air quality is damaged air ducts. We offer great air duct repair in Beaverton to help resolve this problem. We also offer ductless mini split installation if you are interested in a different way of keeping your house cool. Air ducts are a very effective conditioned air delivery system, but in many homes they are a serious cause of inefficiency. Ductless mini splits eliminate the need for air ducts in your home, allowing you to cool your home more efficiently and reducing air quality problems associated with forced air distribution systems.

For more information about ways to boost indoor air quality in your home call The Clean Air Act. We want to help you enjoy true comfort in Beaverton. Schedule service today to get the best, most efficient air conditioning system operation you can. Contact The Clean Air Act today!

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