What to Look for in a Heating System

With the chillier months rolling toward us, now is the time to think about how we’re going to keep our homes cozy until spring arrives. If you are debating a new heater installation in your home in Oregon, you’re probably already bombarding yourself with questions. This isn’t a choice to make quickly, since if you get the wrong system installed it can be difficult and expensive to replace it. To help you make the right choice the first time, read this list of what to look for in a new heating system.

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Heating efficiency: Not all heaters provide the same level of warmth distribution through your home, or the high temperatures you might need. For example, heat pumps can have trouble with extreme cold. To get the premium level of comfort, you need to balance the needs of your home with the heating ability of your new system. The best way to find out your home’s heating requirements is to bring in an HVAC specialist to perform a heat load calculation. This will provide you with a precise measurement of how your home should be heated.

Energy efficiency: The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating describes how efficiently a heating system uses energy. AFUE is measured as a percentage; the higher the percentage, the more cost-effective the system. The U.S. Department of Energy requires all furnaces to have a minimum AFUE of 78%, and many boilers score 85% or higher. Check your new system’s AFUE if reducing your annual energy bills is important to you.

Ease of installation: Consider the current layout of your home and how it will affect installation. If you already have ductwork for central air conditioning, then installing a furnace will present few problems. In general, furnaces are easier to install than boilers, and electric furnaces take up less space. If you don’t have ductwork however, boilers can present a better choice.

Deciding what heater to install can be a dizzying process. But you can simplify it with professional help from trained HVAC technicians. Not only will they assist with your choice, they will install the system correctly so it performs at peak level and requires fewer future repairs.

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