How Does Infrared Heating Work?

If you have a large area in your commercial building, or even your home, that is extremely difficult to heat using traditional forced air heating methods without wasting large amounts of energy, such as a warehouse or garage, then one possible solution to your problem is the installation of infrared space heaters. If you have these heaters professionally installed, they will save you an immense amount of money by targeting only the spots that require heating and reducing the amount of energy lost.

At Clean Air Act, we install and service infrared space heating in Portland, and we are familiar with the specific requirement of these heaters and how they work best for large spaces. Call us today if you are curious about infrared heating for either your commercial needs or to handle a part of your home that is confounding your attempts to heat it efficiently using standard methods.

Infrared Space Heaters

Infrared heating is an excellent way to provide warmth for specific locations inside a building without spending an enormous amount on energy bills. An infrared space heater targets its heat toward a specific object, rather than distributing heat through a larger area, as happens with standard forced-air distribution. The localized heating reduces the amount of heat loss, and therefore requires far less energy.

Space heaters work very well for commercial locations that are expansive but do not require heating for the entire area, such as garages and warehouses and other large storage spaces. The heaters can have a number of effective residential uses as well, such as for homes with patios or oversized garages. There is no need to waste energy to heat up such spaces when only certain spots inside require it.

Although infrared space heaters are not difficult to install, they still require the assistance of professionals familiar with commercial heating who can assess the needs of your space in order to provide it with heating that is both effective and energy-efficient. For gas-powered infrared heaters, it is especially important that only licensed experts handle the installation. Professionals will also provide the necessary routine calibration and check-ups to keep the heaters working properly. For sizing and installation of infrared heating in Portland, come to Clean Air Act and talk to our specialists. Our experience will see that you receive the highest quality service possible.

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