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Duct Cleaners

2 Way Adjustable Rail

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your duct cleaning company. We do understand that when you finish the job it is a representation of your company and you the duct cleaner yourself. We are offering duct access cover plates at a great price . We have many sizes to fit your needs to pick from. Custom sizes are only a phone call away.

  • PN# BO6X6: 6"X6"
  • PN# BO8X8: 8"X8"
  • PN# BO10X10: 10"X10"
  • PN# BO12X12: 12"X12"
  • PN# BO14X14: 14"X14"
  • PN# BO6X12: 6"X12"
  • PN# QRP4–1: Door latch one set
  • PN# QRP4–10: Door latch ten sets
  • Shipping and Handling – $30 per order. *Shipping and handling will be refunded for online orders of 10 or more.
  • Customers will receive the refund when the items ship.
  • Orders of 10 or more placed by phone, fax, email or mail will have free shipping.

Here's What Our Clients Say

An annual tune up of my furnace was performed. House call costs $60, each half-hour of service is $28. My furnace was very, very dirty so two hours were spent on it. I am confident that my furnace is in great shape now.

- Portland Customer

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