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Portland Heating Installation by The Clean Air Act Inc.

We install Amana heating systems
Amana Heat Pumps

We understand how important it is that your home be well equipped with a heating system that is powerful, energy efficient and fully capable of handling your comfort needs. At The Clean Air Act Inc., we offer a wide range of heating systems, including furnaces, heat pumps, ductless mini splits, geothermal heating systems and high velocity systems. We employ highly skilled and trained technicians who are eager to please. Don’t hesitate to give us a call regarding the installation of your new heating system. Schedule service now!

Do you need to install a new heater? The Clean Air Act Inc. installs and services a verity of heating systems throughout the greater Portland metropolitan area.

What Type of Heater Should I Install in My Home?

The very first step in choosing a new heating system is determining what type is best for your home. In new construction, there are a number of options. We can install new furnaces, heat pumps, direct vent heating systems and more depending on your specific needs. If you have an existing system, most likely you will want a system that matches what you currently have. However, there are certain instances when an upgrade can provide greater benefits in terms of cost. We can present these options to you and help you make an educated decision based on all the factors.

Next, your new heating system must be sized for your home. We can do this by performing a heat load calculation, taking into account the square footage that will be heated, your ductwork and ventilation, insulation and weather stripping and any other factors that will affect the efficiency of a new heating system. In some cases, upgrades may be needed to your ventilation system as well. Finally, there is the issue of efficiency. We will help you choose a system that has the efficiency level you need to match your particular heating and budget considerations. Higher efficiency systems may require more upfront investment but often pay for themselves in the long–term, considering their low operational costs.

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Why is Professional Heating Installation Important?

Owning a home means taking responsibility for what goes on therein. It also means having a bit of fun customizing the home to suit the individual needs of yourself and your family. DIY projects are part of the pleasures of owning a home, at least for some. Whether you’re eager to break out the toolkit at all times, or not, it’s important to realize that your heating installation must be taken care of by a trained and certified technician. We can do just that. Our professional heating installation service is exceptional.

Trust The Clean Air Act Inc. with Your HVAC Installation in Portland, OR

We can make sure that you’re pleased with your HVAC installation. We draw on a wealth of technical expertise and knowledge for all of our jobs. We can find you a heating system that matches your budget and home size. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. Contact The Clean Air Act Inc. for all of your heating services. In addition to offering professional heating installation services, we also offer heating repair services in Portland. Regardless of what HVAC services you need, we’ve got you covered.