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Portland Amana Furnaces by The Clean Air Act Inc.

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Amana Heat Pumps

Selecting the right heating system for your home is critical to long–term comfort inside your home. Not only does a good furnace determine how comfortable your home will be; the quality and efficiency of your furnace will dictate the cost of your monthly heating bill and the number of repairs you’ll need over the next decade or more.

That’s why at The Clean Air Act Inc. we’re proud to carry Amana brand gas furnaces. Amana’s lineup of standard and high efficiency gas furnaces offers you the best quality heating for your home with durability and reliability you can count on. Homeowners trust our Portland, OR area Amana furnace technicians with their total home comfort. We have the knowledge and experience to help select the right system for each individual home and keep it operating at peak efficiency for years to come.

Do you need to schedule service for your Amana furnace? The Clean Air Act Inc. installs and services Amana furnaces throughout the greater Portland metropolitan area.

Amana Furnace Models

Amana’s gas furnace lineup includes both standard and high efficiency options. On the AFUE rating system, standard efficiency models score an 80% and include the following:

  • AMVC8/ADVC8 Two Stage, Variable Speed
  • AMH8 TwinComfort, Multi–Speed
  • GMVC8 Distinctions
  • GME8 Distinctions
  • GMH8/GDH8 Distinctions
  • GMS8/GDS8 Distinctions
  • GHS8 Distinctions

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For those with larger homes, some Amana furnaces provide two–stage heating with a full sized chassis and all the benefits people have come to expect from Amana furnace units. With a SureStart igniter, auto comfort for dehumidification and an extra quiet two–speed draft blower, the variable speed standard efficiency furnaces are fantastic for homeowners who want a durable furnace that is also affordable to have installed.

For those concerned with fuel consumption, Amana carries the following high efficiency furnaces:

  • AMVC95
  • AMH95
  • ACVC9
  • GMV95 Distinctions
  • GMH95 Distinctions
  • GCH9/95 Distinctions
  • GKS9 Distinctions

These models all have AFUE ratings of 92.1% to 95%. That means for every $1 you spend on gas heating, up to $0.95 goes directly toward heating your home. That’s incredibly efficient and over the course of 10–20 years of operation, will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your bill as a result.

The larger AMVC95 and ACVC9 series of Amana high efficiency gas furnaces provide full–scale heating with quiet operation and streamlined accessibility for your home. The Distinction Series models are more compact and offer single stage heating in a variety of efficiency levels.

Selecting a New Amana Furnace in Portland

Choosing a furnace is not an instant decision as there are a number of factors to take into consideration. How much heated square footage does your home have and how much do you actually need to heat? How high is your current energy bill and what would you like it to be? What kind of maintenance plan are you comfortable with?

These questions and many more can be answered when you call The Clean Air Act Inc.. Our highly trained Portland Metropolitan Area area Amana furnace experts know how to layout your home heating options well in advance and guide you through the new furnace selection process. Once you’ve chosen your new unit, we’ll install it and set up a maintenance plan to keep it operating correctly and as efficiently as possible for years to come. If you’re interested in learning more about replacing your old furnace with a modern, efficient Amana unit, call us today.