How Can I Know It’s Time for Duct Cleaning?

Duct cleaning is an important service for a couple of reasons. Cleaning your ducts regularly helps your heater and air conditioner each run more efficiently. The service also helps to improve your indoor air quality.

The trick is knowing when it is time to schedule a heating duct cleaning in Clackamas. We typically recommend that you schedule a service every three to five years. You can keep reading to learn more about the signs that it is time to schedule a duct cleaning service for your home.

Time Since Last Service

First you want to think about the last time that you scheduled a duct cleaning service. If it has been at least three years, there’s a good chance that it is time to schedule the service again. If you’ve never scheduled a duct cleaning service, now is a great time. You can get your ducts cleaned out ahead of the winter season to help your furnace or heater run more efficiently over the holidays.

Indoor Air Quality

You can also pay attention to your indoor air quality. If the air in your home feels musty or has a dusty smell, your air ducts could be to blame. Even with an excellent air filter in place, some particles of dust still get into the system, ultimately settling in your ductwork. It’s not a lot at one time, but over a period of years the dust can really add up. Eventually that dust and dirt stirs back up with the clean air and blows back out into your home.

Dust Levels

You may notice that you have to wipe down indoor surfaces more often. If you have a layer of dust on tables and shelves in your house within a couple of weeks of wiping them down, that’s a big red flag. Your ductwork is likely to blame. 

You can clean more often, vacuum thoroughly, and it yet still won’t make a difference if your ductwork is dirty. The best thing to do is schedule a duct inspection so that our team can check to see if your ductwork needs to be cleaned and resealed to lower the dust levels.

High Energy Bills

It’s also possible that dirty ductwork will cause an increase on your monthly energy bills. When the dust stirs up to mix in with clean air, this interference can lead to some of the heated air being trapped in your ductwork instead of making it all the way to your home’s living spaces. 

As a result, your heater may stay on longer or turn on more often and then attempt to heat your home to your desired temperature. When your ducts are clean, it elevates heater efficiency so that you can save a little bit of money on your monthly energy costs.

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