The Furnace Filter: What It Does and Why It Needs to Be Changed Regularly

You may think you understand the role of an air filter in your furnace—and you probably do. But the air filter does more than you might think. It’s not just about improving your indoor air quality.

Leaving a dirty filter in place for too long can mean that you are left calling our team to schedule furnace repair in Estacada, OR. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of changing your air filter on time each month and the impact it can have if it is left dirty and clogged for too long.

Role of an Air Filter

The air filter on your furnace is designed to capture dust and dirt particles to prevent them from getting into the system. Dust and dirt can do a lot of damage to the inside of your furnace since there are heating elements or an open flame for the combustion process. But your air filter is only designed to do so much to capture these particles.

Yes, you can purchase a filter with a higher grade that is designed to capture more harmful particles. But these filters also tend to block air flow into the system and most furnaces are simply not designed with enough power to pull air through a higher grade filter. We recommend purchasing a mid-grade filter and changing it out on time each month to keep it clean. 

Risks of a Dirty Filter

Dirt can get into the tiniest crevices of your furnace. If it gets into the blower motor, dirt can lead to the whole component burning up. When dirt gets down into the intricate parts, like gears that usually have to work together easily with the help of lubrication, that lubrication dries up and leads to grinding.

Dirt also makes its way through your furnace and into your ductwork, ultimately blowing back into your home and exacerbating the problem by creating higher dust levels. If you want to help out your furnace and your filter, really prioritize dusting and vacuuming during the winter season. This is a great way to eliminate dust and dirt from being able to get into the furnace in the first place.

When to Change My Air Filter

Most air filters are rated to last for a month before they need to be changed out. Depending on the dust levels in your home, you may need to change your furnace filter out a little bit sooner. Set a reminder for yourself to check the filter a few days before it is due to be changed out. If it looks like it is particularly full of dust, then it’s a good idea to go ahead and change the filter out early.

Other filters are rated to last longer than a month or may even be reusable so that you can clean them out and put them in place again. No matter what type of filter you have, be sure to prioritize changing it out or cleaning it on time every month.

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